Arabian Horse Head WIP

Process photos of my large canvas that was featured at the Dubai International Horse Fair, 2017, UAE. Portrait of KA Damascus by Kehilan Arabians (TX) and drawn with owner permission.

Painted on 14 OZ primed canvas, 2.4 x 2.5m in graphite and oil paint. Scroll down for technical info.

1. Mock up line work and dark areas with pencil and smudge sticks.

2. Mock up the extreme darks with a graphite powder paste (graphite powder + turpentine) and blend out mid tones.

3. One paste is dry, brush off excess graphite with a dry brush. I use soft squirrel hair.

4. Fix graphite with spray varnish.

5. Add highlights and light grey tones in white oil paint.

6. Let the oil cure. Brush with dry graphite powder to blend oil/graphite edges.

7. Fix with 8 layers (MINIMUM) of spray varnish.