Camel Face Rendering Process in Graphite

This drawing was produced for the Dubai International Horse Fair, 2017 (1.2 x 1.4M).

The darker details of the face were developed with green 4B Faber Castell pencils.

Using a medium paper smudge stick, I blended the pencil out into the face of the camel by following the contours of the face to stop the image looking flat. The fur was made using a zig-zag motion whilst simultaneously twisting the stick. This makes the fur texture look uneven.

Multiple types of eraser are then used to refine the details of the face. A kneadable eraser allows the texture of the fur to be reduced in smooth gradations, while I use refillable click or pencil erasers to define the smaller features of the animal. If I need to refine a space using pencil, it's usually around focal points like the eye or nose.